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PTAT | “The Linen Cycle” Exhibition was a success

Between 18th and 25th February, the Alto Tâmega Tourism Office (PTAT) had an exhibition in its facilities the exposition “The Linen Cycle”. This initiative resulted from a partnership between the PTAT and the Municipality of Ribeira de Pena.

The municipality of Ribeira de Pena is known for its linen handicraft work, an inheritance of the mastery of the weavers of Limões in the elaboration of the “rifados” cloths and of the weavers of Cerva in the elaboration of the “mantêses” cloths, which dictated the enormous demand of the noble houses of the region.

In this sense, and in order to remember the traditions of the Alto Tâmega territory, the PTAT gave its space so that the municipality of Ribeira de Pena could exhibit the most varied instruments which are part of that “Linen Cycle”.

Besides the tourism technicians of the PTAT, two tourism technicians of the municipality of Ribeira de Pena were always present and explained to the visitors/tourists the whole process that is associated to the artisanal way of working the linen, from its sowing to the final product.  They also explored the world of the plant, its biology, usefulness and importance throughout generations.

The feedback from visitors and tourists was very positive. Those who had relatives who still worked this technique and somehow remembered part of the process of working the linen were very nostalgic to remember the “old times” and congratulated the initiative that they consider of great importance so that these traditions are not forgotten.

Those who had their first contact with this artisanal knowledge were very curious about the instruments and interested in hearing the explanation of the tourism technicians.