Visit Alto Tâmega e Barroso

Burel articles were in exhibition at Alto Tâmega’s Tourism Office

The Alto Tâmega Tourism Office (PTAT), in partnership with the Municipality of Montalegre and the Oficina do Burel, hosted in its facilities the Exhibition “Metamorphosis of Burel”, between 16 and 25 April 2022.

The name of the exhibition – “Metamorphosis of Burel” – comes in the context of the resurgence of burel, its transformation process, presenting itself as an iconic fabric by combining tradition with innovation.

The feedback that the tourism technicians received throughout the time of the exhibition was very positive and allowed to demystify some ideas that tourists had about the burel, since they associated this material more to the Serra da Estrela, Covilhã and even Alentejo.

The interest and enchantment were also two aspects very noted in tourists who visited the exhibition, and most took a “business card” of the “Oficina do Burel”, to follow the shop on social networks or visit the physical space when visiting Montalegre.

It should be noted that, between April 16 and 25, 563 tourists visited the Alto Tâmega Tourism Office and, consequently, the exhibition of burel. The date chosen for the initiative, coinciding with the Holy Week, also allowed that hundreds of Galician tourists could visit the exhibition.