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Jorge Braz distinguished as Alto Tâmega’s Ambassador

The Intermunicipal Community of Alto Tâmega (CIMAT) honoured, today, 26th April, Jorge Braz – National Futsal Selector, under the ambassadors network of Alto Tâmega.

The ceremony took place in the Alto Tâmega’s Tourism Office, in the ambit of the Alto Tâmega’s Ambassadors net created by CIMAT and, in which, Jorge Braz was the first to receive such distinction.

Amílcar Castro Almeida, President of CIMAT and also President of the Municipality of Valpaços, after his speech of honour to Jorge Braz, delivered the distinction to the National Futsal Selector together with the other Presidents of Alto Tâmega Municipalities (Boticas, Chaves, Montalegre, Ribeira de Pena and Vila Pouca de Aguiar).

The President of CIMAT believes that Jorge Braz has the right characteristics to be Ambassador of Alto Tâmega. “He is a Champion! He managed with his simplicity and with his humility to overcome all the difficulties and, naturally, to become a Champion. The CIM of Alto Tâmega wanted to attribute him the Title of Ambassador of Alto Tâmega because we found in him the capable person to exert those functions. This distinction increases the value and the recognition of the Region!”, he added.

The purpose of the Alto Tâmega’s Ambassadors net is to recognize the value of citizens from the territory that in the most varied areas of activity, have had a path of excellence, keeping the pride in their origins and having as principles the humility and the capacity of overcoming.

For Jorge Braz is an “enormous responsibility to be an ambassador of Alto Tâmega. Above all is here an example of having common goals, which is to be a team, something that sport also has. Everybody knows the pride that I have in my roots, my people, as I usually say. You can count on me to affirm more and more the identity of this region”.

This distinction of “Alto Tâmega’s Ambassador” will also contribute to the reinforcement of the networking that, together with many other initiatives carried out, have increased the recognition and the value of the brand “Alto Tâmega”.

The opening of the ceremony was marked by a musical moment presented by the Academy of Arts of Chaves, followed by an evocative video, about the career and life of the coach, with testimonies of his mother and friends, which moved Jorge Braz, culminating with the delivery of the trophy by the President of CIMAT, Amílcar Castro Almeida.

Among the several presents and besides the ones already mentioned, we highlight the presence of the Presidents of the 6 municipalities of Alto Tâmega (Boticas, Chaves, Montalegre, Ribeira de Pena, Valpaços and Vila Pouca de Aguiar), the President of the Intermunicipal Assembly, Anselmo Martins, as well as the Executive Secretariat of CIMAT, composed by Ramiro Gonçalves and José Alberto Diegas.

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