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Webinar “Groundwater”

AquaValor – Centre for Water Technology Development and Transfer, as in the previous year, will join the celebrations of World Water Day, tomorrow, March 22nd.

The Program of activities counts with a Webinar entitled “Groundwater”, the theme chosen this year by the UN to mark this day. The event is destined for the scholar population from the 1st to the 3rd cycle of Alto Tâmega’s Schools.

It will begin at 9h30 and will take place along the day with panels and specific timetables for the different levels of education:

09h30: Discovering the Water Cycle

Target Audience: Primary School

11h30 – 12h30: The Invisible Life of Water

Target Audience: 2nd Cycle

15h00: Groundwater: The Importance of a Hidden Resource

Target Audience: 3rd Cycle

Along with the webinar, AquaValor through the “Thermalism Academy”, opens the doors to receive students from the Secondary School for visits to the laboratories. These students will have the opportunity to experience scientific research activities.

This initiative intends to create bridges between the Schools Groupings of Alto Tâmega and AquaValor, transferring knowledge with the purpose to stimulate and involve the students in the world of Science.

Program Webinar “Água Subterrânea”