Municipality of Valpaços

The municipality of Valpaços is located in the interior north of the country, integrating the district of Vila Real.

The current city of Valpaços dates back to the first period of nationality (12th-13th century), initially being, it is thought, a small village inhabited by nobles and manor families.

Several traces illustrate the Roman occupation and the barbarian invasions.

One of the most relevant events in the history of Valpaços took place in the mid-nineteenth century, during the War of Patuleia, in 1846. Valpaços was the stage for struggles of a movement with popular characteristics but which took on a high political dimension.

Valpaços was elevated to municipality in 1836, and in 1861, it became a village by decree of D. Pedro V. In 1999 it became a city.

Rich in gastronomy, the municipality’s emblematic products are ham, sausage, alheiras, olive oil, chestnuts, wine, among others, with the Chestnut Fair and the Folar Fair being two of the main events in the municipality, bringing together producers and visitors committed to in the excellence and quality of the products.

But not only gastronomy is a strong attraction of the region. The wealthy and vast cultural and religious heritage also allows a detailed journey through the history and biography of a municipality that has followed a concerted development policy and created various structures and services to serve the population.

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