Visit Alto Tâmega e Barroso

PTAT | Exhibition “Tradições Carnavalescas” visited by people from all over Alto Tâmega territory

The Alto Tâmega’s Tourism Office (PTAT) hosted in its facilities, between February 23rd and March 1st, an exhibition related to the “Alto Tâmega’s Carnival Traditions” or, as it’s called in many of the villages, “traditions of Entrudo”.
The exhibition had the collaboration and the exhibition of the costumes of the municipalities of Montalegre (parish of Pitões das Júnias, parish of Outeiro – Mountain Riders Association; the parish of Tourém) and of Ribeira de Pena.
Those who visited the PTAT in these days had the opportunity to contact with the several costumes used in the region, and all of them have their own designation. On display were the “Farrapões”, “Caretos”, “Folhateiros”, “Felipeiros”, “Cabeçudos” and the “Carranhosas”.
The exhibition was a success, especially during the weekend, with a great number of tourists visiting the facilities of the Tourist Office and even people from the villages of the municipalities with exposed costumes who made a point of visiting the PTAT to see their costumes.
Visitors had the opportunity to learn about the entrudo of the region, with each costume accompanied by a brief description of it, and to take photographs alongside these and the “Cabeçudos”.