Vila Pouca de Aguiar

Vila Pouca de Aguiar

Vila Pouca de Aguiar

Municipality of Vila Pouca de Aguiar

The municipality of Vila Pouca de Aguiar, belonging to the district of Vila Real, is located between the Alvão and Padrela mountains in a fertile valley flanked by mountains suitable for cattle raising.

With a rich and vast historical and cultural heritage, such as the National Monument of Castelo de Aguiar da Pena, the millennial Roman mining complex of Tresminas with its archaeological park, the Pedras Salgadas spa with the centenary thermal park, many areas of leisure with the Falperra dam in focus, Alvão dolmens, churches, tombs and medieval bridges, among others, the municipality offers more than many reasons for a visit.

As for the origin of the toponym, “Vila Pouca” could be a reference, like many homonymous villages, to a small rural “villa”. Regarding the element “Aguiar”, etymologically, the word derives from the theme “Aquila”, which designates a place where eagles abound.

“In the 13th century, the current municipality of Vila Pouca de Aguiar was largely integrated into the “land” of Aguiar, similarly to what happened with that of Ribeira de Pena. From the 12th to the 13th century, the so-called “land” consisted of seven large parishes, including that of S. Salvador de Jugal, corresponding to the current parish of Vila Pouca de Aguiar. The reason for the alteration of the toponym from Jugal to Vila Pouca is not known for sure, nor the date of its alteration, assuming that it was in the 14th century”.

The municipality of Vila Pouca de Aguiar is essentially agricultural and livestock, emphasising the cultivation of cereals, potatoes, vegetables and wine. Also crucial in the economy of the region are the mines of Jales.

Named the capital of granite, Vila Pouca de Aguiar has thermal tourism as one of its main attractions. Several existing resorts, with an emphasis on the famous thermal baths of Pedras Salgadas, are inserted in a vast park and equipped with various infrastructures for medicinal treatments, entertainment and leisure.

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António Alberto Pires Aguiar Machado
Afonsim, Alfarela de Jales, Bornes de Aguiar, Bragado, Capeludos, Gouvães da Serra, Parada de Monteiros, Pensalves, Sabroso de Aguiar, Santa Marta da Montanha, Soutelo de Aguiar, Telões, Tresminas, Valoura, Vila Pouca de Aguiar, Vreia de Bornes e Vreia de Jales
11.812 habitants (Census 2021 INE)
Geographic Area (Km2)
+351 259 419 100 (Call to the national fixed network)

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