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Municipality of Boticas

Located in the northwest area of Portugal, in the Boticas county, corresponding to a part of the former Barroso land, it belongs to the Vila Real district. It was created in 1836, within the scope of the administrative reform and the national territorial division unleashed by the Second Liberal Revolution of 1832. Despite the founding of the council dating from the 19th century, there are many vestiges that constitute the historical biography of Boticas.

Pre-historic forts and highly varied Roman monuments, such as the Ardãos road, bear witness to the presence of ancient dust in the region. One of the most well-known traditions of Boticas has to do with their wine, now known as “vinho dos mortos”. It is said that the local populations, when the French invaded, would bury their wine to avoid or remove it, a practice that continued until today.

The region is also known for its rich traditional gastronomy, based, above all, on typical dishes made with barrosã meat, which has the protection of the denomination of origin, and is famous nationally and internationally. Pork meat deserves to be highlighted, being one of the two most important foods in the region.

Due to its importance, the municipal chamber organizes every year the Gastronomic Fair of Porco, in the middle of the month of January, two events of excellence throughout the region and one of the best gastronomic fairs in the country. Or tell me as main objectives to promote the gastronomy of the municipality and its two traditional dishes, boosting the development of the local economy, contributing to an effective valorization and dissemination of two products from the Barros region.

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Fernando Eirão Queiroga
Alturas do Barroso e Cerdedo; Ardãos e Bobadela; Beça; Boticas e Granja; Codessoso, Curros e Fiães Do Tâmega; Covas do Barroso; Dornelas; Pinho; Sapiãos; Vilar e Viveiro
5.000 habitants (Census 2021 INE)
Geographic Area (Km2)
+351 276 410 200 (Call to the national fixed network)

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