Visit Alto Tâmega e Barroso

CIMAT distributes promotional material for the region’s hotels

The Intermunicipal Community of Alto Tâmega e Barroso (CIMAT) is distributing, by the hotel units of the territory, acrylics with a QRcode of a direct link to the site “Visit Alto Tâmega” and also touristic maps of the region.


The distribution of this material started yesterday in Boticas. Ramiro Gonçalves, First Executive Secretary of CIMAT, and Fernando Queiroga, Mayor of Boticas, delivered together the acrylics and the maps to the two hotel units of the municipality.

“This initiative corresponds to a need that the hotel and restaurant agents have manifested and represents a strategy of joint promotion of our territory, contributing to the promotion of the Alto Tâmega e Barroso region, by providing touristic information about our territory to all who visit us, which will allow a better preparation of its programs and itineraries by the points of major interest properly referenced in the six municipalities”, highlights Fernando Queiroga.

Today, September 9, the start of the delivery of the material in the municipality of Chaves took place at the Castelo Hotel.

“It was understood that being the hotels and restaurants relevant gateways to the territory, they should have the means to circulate tourists in the region. We defined then this element that, beyond having our maps with the 264 points of special interest in Alto Tâmega, which the tourists may take with them, has also a QRcode which gives the direct link to the site ‘Visit Alto Tâmega’. This way the people will be able to find reasons that will take them to spend more time in the territory”, explained Ramiro Gonçalves.

The responsible of CIMAT highlighted that this initiative is being given one more step “so that everything runs according to what has been the great success of the region concerning the attraction of tourists, and that we want it to be even more increased”.

Francisco Melo, Deputy Mayor of Chaves, detached and praised the partnership work existing between the six municipalities and the CIMAT in the scope of the touristic promotion of Alto Tâmega: “There is here a collaboration between the Municipalities and the CIMAT, allowing that this one makes a strategy of the general management of what are the 264 points of interest in the territory of Alto Tâmega, and after each municipality may create more contents about its resources, joining this way efforts. All together we can do with that the region is magnified. What we want is obviously to increase the average stay and also to improve the type of tourists. We want them to spend more time in the region and to have greater purchasing power so that we can achieve greater added value”.

The feedback of the hotel director, António Jorge, was extremely positive, stating that he was unaware of the existence of more than 260 points of tourist interest in the territory, thus highlighting the importance and usefulness of this material to best promote the region to those who seek them.

The delivery in the remaining four municipalities that compose the territory (Montalegre, Ribeira de Pena, Valpaços and Vila Pouca de Aguiar) will take place in the next days.

The initiative appears in the scope of the Touristic Promotion of Alto Tâmega e Barroso, in syntony with the strategic Plan of the Region. In this first phase, the distribution is being made only by the hotel business, being, later, extended also to the restoration and rural tourism units.