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ALTO TÂMEGA | Barroso Honey chosen Honey of the Year 2022

Mel de Barroso DOP (Mel de Urze), produced by the Producers Group of the Boticas Agro Rural Cooperative (CAPOLIB), was elected Honey of the Year 2022, in the 13th edition of the National Honey Competition, organized by the National Federation of Portuguese Beekeepers (FNAP).

Mel de Barroso DOP, produced in a territory classified as World Agricultural Heritage, was elected, for the second consecutive time, the best honey of the year in the contest which aims to promote and valorise the quality, specificity and diversity of the honey produced in Portugal.

It should also be added that the company Iberiensis, whose part of beekeeping production occurs in the Municipality of Boticas, won the silver medal in the category of Chestnut Honey.

The Mayor of Boticas, Fernando Queiroga, welcomes the excellent classifications achieved in the National Honey Competition 2022, stating that “the consecutive distinctions awarded to Mel de Barroso and other local products, are the reflection of the work and dedication of beekeepers of the region, specifically the Farmers’ Group of CAPOLIB, in the production of honey of incomparable quality”.

The award ceremony will take place on June 7, at the National Exhibition Centre, in Santarém, during the National Agriculture Fair.