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18 – 25 FEBRUARY | “The Linen Cycle” in exhibition at Alto Tâmega Tourism Office

The Tourism Office of Alto Tâmega (PTAT), in partnership with the Municipality of Ribeira de Pena, are promoting an exhibition, totally dedicated to the flax and that will be on display at the PTAT facilities, between 18th and 25th of February. The exhibition is entitled “The flax cycle”.

The municipality of Ribeira de Pena is known for its linen handicraft work, an inheritance of the mastery of the weavers of Limões in the elaboration of the “rifados” cloths and of the weavers of Cerva in the elaboration of the “mantêses” cloths, which dictated the enormous demand of the noble houses of the region.

This handcrafted production covers the entire linen cycle, from its sowing to the final product, and also explores the world of the plant, its biology, usefulness and importance throughout generations.

The interested in knowing and/or remembering this artisan practice are invited to pass by the Alto Tâmega’s Tourism Office, situated in Alameda do Tabolado – Chaves, between the 18th and 25th of February.

We will have all the pleasure in receiving you!