Visit Alto Tâmega e Barroso

UNE 11 | Pedras Salgadas hosts a Show “The Horses of Alto Tâmega”

The Pontido’s Musical Band will present the show entitled: “The Horses of Alto Tâmega”, on June 11th, at the Pedras Salgadas Riding Center, under the CulturAT Project – Touristic Promotion of Alto Tâmega through Culture.

This is an initiative of the Intermunicipal Community of Alto Tâmega (CIMAT), in partnership with the Municipality of Ribeira de Pena and the Ecomuseum – Association of Barroso.

The project resulted from an application submitted to the Notice NORTE 14-2020-25 – “Cultural Heritage – Cultural Programming Network”, and has the specific objective to promote the stimulation, promotion and development of cultural heritage, as a tool for differentiation and competitiveness of the territory of Alto Tâmega and, at the same time, support companies in the culture sector in the region.

We count on your presence, June 11, starting at 15h00, at the Pedras Salgadas Riding Center.

Entrance is free and you are all very welcome.

We are waiting for you!